E-commerce Warehousing & Fulfillment

E-Commerce Warehousing & Fulfillment Solutions

Our expert team members are trained to put your customers first in delivering quality E-Commerce solutions on your behalf.

Our motto at Team 1 is Positive Succeeds, Negative Fails, and we hire, train, and live by this motto everyday (It’s even painted on our walls as an everyday visual reminder). The moment that you entrust us with one of the most critical aspects of your business, e-commerce warehousing & fulfillment, you become a member of the Team 1 family. As a team, we value open communication strategies that keep you in the loop with all the processes that go on behind the scenes as your e-commerce fulfillment parter. You can rest assured, with our real-time WMS inventory tracking, that your product counts are accurate and shipped to your customers in a way that boosts your reputation and keeps customers ordering more.

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Benefits of Personalized E-Commerce Warehousing & Fulfillment Solutions

Orders Are Handpicked and Verified


Quality Assurance

With our team handpicking your product, we will not miss the smallest details that could turn into questionable quality issues.


Order Verification

State-of-the-art real-time WMS inventory tracking with Scan-in and Scan-out protocols to ensure accuracy.



Save money and time with our partnership and storage capabilities.  We provide the solutions for all of your e-commerce warehousing & fulfillment needs.

The Reasons for choosing

Team1 for your E-commerce Warehousing & Fulfillment solutions

Customer Focused

We take pride in our custom solutions and hands-on communication practices.


24/7 Security

Internal and external security camera system that ensures your products are secure.

Bentonville, AR

Located 5 miles from the worlds’ largest retailer’s HQ, and shipping Nationwide.


Fire Protection

Our fire suppression system is state-of-the-art in preventing catastrophic loss.

Specially Trained

Our team is laser focused to ensure quality and efficient delivery of your goods.

Green Friendly

All cardboard and plastic are recycled, doing our part in making the world healthier.

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Warehousing & Replenishment

With our 100K+ sq ft warehouse and state-of-the-art WMS, you are able to check shipments & inventory 24/7.  We photograph shipments as they are loaded for delivery, offering assurance that your shipment left in quality condition and on-time.

Co-Packing & Displays

With over 997,000 displays shipped, we have the experience to assemble and display your products in various ways to suit your needs (clip strip, countertop, pallet display,  sidekick, floor stand). We get your goods ready to sell!